Checklist for Making Video Tutorials for Online Casinos


Like many other industries, the online casino industry has to rely on videos for many reasons. They use it for promoting their sites on social media or other platforms.

They also use videos to help audiences use their site conveniently and also play the different games they offer. So, creating tutorial videos is crucial to online casino sites like Playamo casino Australia. Here is a checklist for creating video tutorials.

Decide on the purpose

You first need to decide on the purpose of your video. You should know whether you are making the video tutorial to provide the audience with a walk-through experience of your online casino site or for teaching them how to play certain games. These two types of tutorials will be different.

Checklist for Making Video Tutorials for Online Casinos research - Checklist for Making Video Tutorials for Online Casinos

Keep it short

You shouldn’t make the video too long. The audience will lose interest if it is too long. The ideal time of a video tutorial is 5 minutes, but you can stretch it up to 10 minutes maximum. You will lose prospective clients if you make it longer.

Stay focused

You should be focused on your subject. You shouldn’t deviate from the message you are trying to convey to the audience. If you are making a tutorial for playing poker, for example, then stay focused on poker only and not any other game.

Use simple words

People of any age and background can watch your video tutorial. So, you should use simple words when explaining things and avoid using any jargon. Your sentences should also be short so that it’s easily understandable.

Use captions

Along with explaining things verbally, you should also use captions. That way it will be easy for people to follow what you are saying. Even if there is any technical difficulty for which audio is not clear, they will still be able to complete the tutorial.

Do post-production work

Post-production work or video editing is very important to ensure that the quality of the video is good. You should work on improving the audio, colour contrast, picture, and other things.

Write text descriptions

There are thousands of videos on YouTube and other channels. How will people find your video? You should write text descriptions so that Google can easily find your video.

Creating a good video tutorial takes a lot of effort. You should hire a professional video production house to do the job.